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Hicham was ahead of his time back in the day being one the first spokesmans for Moroccan cuisine - opening restaurants Fez in töölö, and Culture kitchen in Stoa. Sandro ́s opening in 2013 created a boom for

North-african kitchen in Finland which was continued by Mo-Cafe and many other restaurant added these now famous flavors in their

menu ́s as well.



Hicham established Mo-cafe in 2016 together with the owners of Rupla (bar, restaurant & gallery) As did Sandro, so did Mo-Cafe turnout to be a success and won the award of best new restaurant, in City- magazines poll.


Sandro was establsihed in 2013 in Kal- lio district among four friends Hicham, Hicham Mountassir, Richard McCormick and Pasi Virta). Sandro ́s fame explod- ed through the roof and later expanded into

two other locations before it was sold to Royal Ravintolat in 2017.

Sandro eira.jpg

Cafe Stoa

A true classic spot in Itäkeskus! Hicham took over Stoa years ago and started offering north-african flavors in this culture spot with success. Since then Hicham has handed the place to his friend to continue.


Vegan buffet in

After restaurant scenes he created MO7 vegan product, launched together with Tikkala Bros, Teemu and Ilari. Thanks to this co-operation, the North-African cuisine found her way to retail stores.

Casa Moro

Is more than food. It is the vision to make the World a bit better place. Sustainability is in the core of our thinking. Supporting small producers of handcraft products, presenting more vegan cuisine friendly for environment, soul and body, and creating second hand markets for used products. Our shirt are done from recycled fibers. The meals are served on plant based plats.

We do our best to help and consult fellow small entrepreneurs….

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